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13 apprentices start their new jobs at VAHLE

• Young professionals learn seven different jobs

• Welcome week can take place largely as planned

• For the first time, a female IT specialist among the apprentices

13 apprentices launched their careers today at Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG. (Foto: VAHLE)

Kamen, 2. August 2021 – Paul Vahle GmbH & Co.  KG today welcomed 13 young talents at the start of the new apprenticeship year. Among the apprentices, who are embarking on various industrial and commercial career paths at the Kamen-based systems provider for mobile industrial applications, is for the first time also a female IT specialist-to-be. In the first few days, the junior employees get to know the company and their colleagues as part of an orientation week.

" Great training of young people is a necessary element for a vital company. We are pleased to see thirteen young people starting their careers at our company today," says Achim Dries, Managing Director of Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG. "The apprentices of today are the experts of tomorrow. Our company and a highly diverse industry with future-oriented areas such as robotics and automation offer excellent career prospects for them," says Dries.

The first days at the company offer the young new VAHLE people different impressions. In addition to the welcome by the management, these include various training sessions and initial briefings as well as an apprentice Etiquette to ease the start of their working life. The annual company rally, during which the newcomers are allowed to explore the company premises, can also take place again this year. Apprenticeship manager Kathrina Adelsberger reports, "A special highlight will be the fire drill, which is always a hot topic."

The 13 career starters are starting out in different jobs at VAHLE. Thus, the group consists of two prospective metal technology specialists, two production mechanics, two industrial electricians, two warehouse specialists, one female and one male IT specialist, as well as two industrial clerks and one female industrial clerk with an additional qualification as a foreign language correspondent.

The Kamen-based system provider for mobile industrial applications will also be offering apprenticeships in the coming year and is already looking for interested candidates. Further information about training at Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG can be found at: